One of the most specific requirements in reptile keeping is that the appropriate temperatures and temperature gradients are available to the animals.

Habistat is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of heating equipment and thermostats for reptiles and other animals.

Maintaining correct temperatures is sometimes difficult to accomplish within the confines of captive conditions. The Habistat range of thermostats and environmental controllers offer something to suit every application.

All Habistat products are manufactured "in house" with stringent quality control procedures. Habistat are so confident with these products that they offer guarantees far beyond our legal obligations.

All Habistat products are pre wired and do not need to be installed by an electrician.

Important - HabiStat. Spare super fast blow fuses.

Almost every single thermostat failure is due to a short circuit on the heater that damages the sensitive thermostat triac. Poor quality bulbs that frequently fail in a particular way, are the main cause of triac failure in Dimming thermostats. Because of the potential damage that this causes HabiStat are now fitting a cartridge fuse to protect the circuit from such heater failures. These fuses are specifically designed to protect triacs and only these should be used when replacing the existing triac protection cartridge fuse in the side of the thermostat. For requirements under 300 watts use this 1 amp device for those above 300 watts use the 3.15 amp device. Please note that these are specifically for the replacement of the cartridge fuse